Ideas for a Motivational Speaking Company?

Joined May 29, 2006
I am looking to start a motivational speaking organization sometime in the future...hoping NT could give me some creative name ideas...

The idea is basically taking high achieving students from the inner-city (professional, in college, even high school) to go around to different inner-citycommunities, schools, etc and speak about their experience...give the kids practical advice and also give them someone to look up to (especially during therough economic times, job prospects, media negativity, etc)

Thanks...also, if anyone wants to help, just PM me with your location and we can hopefully try to get this going nationwide...I have experience with non-profitorganizations and obtaining large sponsorship/partnerships with corporations so I think this is going to be a real interesting project...

Joined Oct 17, 2008
I would name it Prestige Worldwide.

Make sure you make a good video presentation for possible investors, preferably with a nice big fancy boat and a couple of ***.
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