If Shaq were............

Joined Aug 4, 2004
don't know if i'm late on this but this is funny to me


[h3]The Top Ten Economic Shaqorisms...[/h3]The wait is over! In unscientific order, the top ten economic shaqorisms are:

10. If Shaq created a comprehensive plan to solve the financial crisis, it would be the seminal work of Shaqroeconomics. (@ifshaqwere)
9. In Shaqroeconomic theory, pure Diesel is the only acknowledged shaqtor of production. (@WillyGray)
8. Shaq is so rich, he's in his own Shaq's Bracket (@ifshaqwere)
7. If Shaq were a piece of US Currency, he would be the Shaqagawea Dollar Coin. (@gonadsgo)
6. If Shaq had to do a variety of odd jobs to survive during the recession, he would be a Shaq of all trades. (@samgf)
5. If Shaq were a technology stock, he'd be traded on the NASHAQ (@gonadsgo)

4. If Shaq were an i-banker, he'd specialize in mergers and shaquisitions. (@heathstreet)

3. If Shaq were a strategy in Keynesian economics, he'd be the Big Stimulus Shaqage (@greatwave)
2. When Shaq personally guarantees the value of your home, it becomes a mortgage-shaqed security. (@brittanw)

1. If Congress called upon Shaq to use his mathematical skills to monitor AIG's risk levels so that it would never again require a bailout, he would become the Big Shaqtuary... and his bonus would be %+%+%$# huge. (@willygray, @theanimalbeast)
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