"If these (re)retroed, I will retire from sneakers&quot

Jul 26, 2005
This is my choice, what shoe that Nike can remake to make YOU retire?

seriously, all those that say they retire from sneakers are liars...i used to think that but i doubt i can do it, anyway if u consider those as ur grails, instead of wanting to get nike to retro your grails, i think u shld continue to seek and try and attain a pair, that's the beauty of sneaker collecting i feel!

Alot of choices, depends on circumstances.

It sucks, though, when you look at Nike catalogs all day, every day.

Honestly, though, I haven't bought a Jordan for myself since the Black/Silver V's dropped this past January. All because the Jordan line is trash right now, the XI Retro was the wrong model, and this "Pack" non-sense is recockulous.

If Nike's line-up involved nothing but garbage new and retro shoes for a while, I'd be on hiatus there as well.

But "hiatus" is the key word, because once you become a shoehead, like meth or crack, you can't always curb that addiction.
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Its no way possible for me to "retire" from collecting. There's always something releasing, or something from my childhood that I want. JP is right hiatus is a better word...
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The Nike Boot was originally found in a gutter in The District of Columbia.
The day is was found, it was laying next to a pair of gray New Balance and some Foamposites.
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Yeah once you start, it's impossible to stop if you truely love sneakers.

I've always been into sneakers since junior high/'96. But I didn't really start getting into the culture until I bought a pair of OG Foamposite Ones (my grails) on ebay for the first time. I swore to myself and my friends that would be last sneaker I ever buy.

Well 3 years later I own 4 pairs of Penny Foams and have +150 sneakers total (that's after selling/getting rid of about another 150+).
Plus everytime you decide to stop, you'll come across that 1 one shoe somewhere that pulls you back in.

But the only shoe that would fulfill all nostalgia and make me seriously consider stopping is if Nike officially released the AIR MAG.
I'd buy 10 pairs and rock them to the grave!

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my list is quite simple. I have been on the hunt for those for years now. with no large enough shoe size in sight. I'm 5 shoes away from leaving this for good.

-early 2000 release. I can never find my size. therefore i want a rerelease so i can finally get it

-2001 retro of an originial colorway.

-2000 trainer 1 retro. i think this was an overseas or co.jp release. meaning youll rarely find a size larger than 11 or 12. im still on the hunt. I love the colors the most though

-an orginial. just a basic grey suede, with blue accents. Give me the infrared color too please. both have been reretroed in the late 90s,early 2000's, but im in need of a pair thats wearable:

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I agree with the mewbie.. But WALLY what size are you??
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I'd never "retire" there are just too many nice shoes that can be retroed
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a 12-13. i have a few 11.5s i can fit into. the one sz 11 i have is quite the chore to wear. the pain is worth it though. if i were a sz 9 or below, id be in heaven
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What up gotty.

I been retired from sneakers. My last pair was the Mars Jordan IV's.
When I got an OG pair in my size, I indeed retired.

I remember your "farewell" post like it was yesterday...

Although I'd never retire, the ONE shoe that would make me sit my @#%$ down, would be the Air Griffey Max...unmolested. By that, no little @#%$ air bubble, and I WANT the "24" on the strap as well.

If NIKE won't cooperate, then I'll settle for the Air Speed Turf Max as well
GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
if they retro Air Garnett Is in the TImberwolves colorway (white green and purple) im done :smokin
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its funny that every time on NT they ask wich shoe has to be retroed, 7 out of 10 are simple, clean trainers
trainers I, II and III

cosign with op and wally: please retro some clean trainers
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