If you love good hiphop, heck, good music in general...

Oct 2, 2005
Doyourself a favor.

Cop The Roots' latest album, Game Theory.

Saw it at Tower Records Ayala this morning.

Thank me later.
I been lurking, King Crux.

I'm a big Roots fan myself. I take it you are an okp as well?
Yeah the Roots are cool. Game Theory was pretty good but my favorite from them is still Phrenology. Anyway, whats some worthwhile music from the pinas? I haven't been there since 04, and the only cd I got was Southborder Episode III. Can anyone recommend me some new good tracks?
mber No.32[/b]​
i went to a couple Roots concerts in Chicago.

unfortunately, that was in my younger days when i used to get so messed up i don't remember too much.. driving back on the freeway, i took it up to 115 mph in a 65 zone.. lol.

but yeah, what's up with there not being any good hip-hop on the racks over here, just the current mainstream crap? i'm going to have to get people to burn me some from the states..
that serious?​
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