If you seek amy

Joined Feb 6, 2009
guys! i just made a frightening discovery about britney spears' latest hit single "if you seek amy". if you reararnge the words a little theres ahidden message

if you see-kay my

do you guys see? pretty clever eh?
Joined Feb 6, 2009
iF YOU Cee-Kay Me

made it easier for you guys on hooked on phonics

"All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy
Love me, hate me"

shes such a dirty girl
Joined Nov 18, 2007
I thought she was talking about like having sex with her or something.
bleh oh wells.
Joined Aug 11, 2006
Damn, its been 5 minutes. I still dont understand

Well, I googled it. still doesnt make sense

Alright, I had to listen to the song to understand.

Went through all this trouble for that
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