{***ILLEST Party in TO..Roundtable Ent presents 2000 Til***}

Feb 26, 2007
What more can I say? What more can we do? The BEST party in TO? I know this much is truuueeeeeee!

Y'all are invited to celebrate Roundtable's own, Troopers Birthday! All of NT's heavy hitters and Toronto's tastemakers usually support so throw some heat on dem feet and kick it at State Theatre this Friday!

2000 Til...
June 15th
State Theatre
i cant make it but happy birthday in advance hektor

make it good.

416 And 250 Canada

Looking For DS Chicago Xs size 9-10.5
Dang, work saturday, no way i'm going in hungover...

Have a good birthday tho hek!
won't be there, but you already know how LS & the Roundtable fam do it...

HEK, hbd!
Team Saugaour streets is clean
eeek im late.
happy blated hektor
if you see me then see me.

Dwayne Lloyd
Omar Mcleod
Jason Huxtable
Justin Shepherd​
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