I'm officially starting the "Free the Jordans and a Gold Chain Instrumental" petition...

Joined May 31, 2007
I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that there are certain works of art that should never be revisited/remixed/remade/re-envisioned... and certain things that must not be touched unless you really, really can make it your own.  And while I think that Hy-Jynx and Jewels did a magnificent job on the track, but I know I can bring something to it.  I know I can, I have to... I NEED to.  And I know that there's others who feel the same way.  That beat is a monsta.  Some of my work can be found on the NT mixtapes and the mega-mega, I ain't no scrub.

And so I am hereby humbly
  requesting that either Hy-Jinx or Jewels release that beast into the wild and allow me to try my hand.  Anybody else who thinks they should get the chance please add your name in this thread.  Thank you.

Respectfully yours...

7th Letter

*References provided upon request.

Joined May 31, 2007
Word up, I sent it out to be mixed! I swear I wanted to put it in for that "Best 10 NT rappers" thread that crashed and burned a few weeks ago! I've been grinding on the 9 to 5, two of my dudes got axed yesterday. Forget Killa Season, it's contract season around here homie!

Hold up, I see I ain't get a call for Jim Morrison tho and where them beats you was 'sposed to send me?

Imma hit you up this weekend tho, got something i need to run past you.
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