I'm Sooooo Anxioouus...So meet me at 11:30, I love the way you're talkin' dirty....

36 ounces

Joined Jun 17, 2008
I been meaning to make a post for this for a while now, it's so well deserved....

...One of my favorite cut songs. Ever.

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this song is very dope, but differences will forever be the best song he has ever made....
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Originally Posted by MrWavez

but differences will forever be the best song he has ever made

Take that back, now. He made this song & video smooth as hell though. Definite fav.
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Freshman year of college right there...

...that was the official ''when it's a sock on the door, don't knock son'' smashin' soundtrack right there.

That whole album went off...

...good *%%%.

Man, him & Timbo need to stop @#%@$#%$+!#' - I mean, they might as well just pair up one more time for old time's sake...
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 constants spins , i still love the album . The whole class of R&B he was in had some serious tracks . 
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Originally Posted by DiPlOmAt TDOt

The switch up in the video.
That part had everybody back home "ticking" for about a two-year stretch....

the Final Warning Interlude w/ Aaliyah & None Of Ya Friends Business went off too....
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If u ever need to spice up ur relationship, put this on and ask your girl to give u a lap dance. sparks will fly! Put it on repeat over and over.
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