Im Spending a weekend in MIAMI!!!! MIAMI HEADS HELP!

Jul 31, 2007
wats good going to be in Miami August 9 - the 12th
whats the best spots or clubs to hit up down there? iv'e never been before so im looking forward to this....

ALSO, if ANY of you could do me a BIG favor and help me find the address or telephone number for the miami ink tattoo shop it would be greatly appreciated. im looking to get tatted up while im down there...
thanks in advance for any help
MIAMI INK google it. It's in South Beach. I'm not really sure but it should be easy to find info on it.

It depends on what type of music/crowd u like cuz it can be high class hip-hop or straight HOOD.

Check out Cameo, Nocturnal, 400 Club, SOBE Live, Santos, Hard Rock Hollywood. Plenty of stuff to do. Strip Clubs!!
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