IMO French Montana makes the music Dipset should make, if they were still together.

Joined May 23, 2007
After listen to the past couple tapes, and Mac Wit Da Cheese,
his style really reminds me something of the Dips. Crazy production
and it's got that wave
If they were still together and didn'tstray
of into different directions, this would be a dope sound for em'. They're
styles could mesh nicely. I mean, he pretty much used cams CHWM intro sample
along with other random dip. beats on the mixtape.

Cam shoulda got the type calliber beats, French did on mac wit da cheese
instead of Crime pays. Hmmm

Joined Sep 1, 2006
Crime pays though

Cam is the only one making that good music out of the dips from him Capo and Juelz, he's just not getting that shine.
Joined May 9, 2007
i stayed away from french cuz i dont like max.

but from readn this thread im bout to go search for dude

what g14 beats has cam or french rapped over?
Joined May 25, 2008
French is dope, reason why i started listening to him because he reminded me of dipset
Joined Feb 8, 2009
Yea that NY Minute song coulda been big if it was the Dips

Why aint all of NY on the remix yall dudes dont know how to cease an oppotunity
Joined May 23, 2007
Check out:
Why So Serious
NY Minute
I'm So Special
Lay Down
Wake Up In The Morning

then imagine Jimmy, Juelz, and Cam goin off on em.
Joined Jul 13, 2008
I've been +!*!*#% w/ French since Ya Heard Me w/ Uncle Murda off that SMACK DVD. Fam %#+$ been kinda weak lately but I like how he rides the beat.
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