in OREGON for 2 weeks....where the spots at?

Dec 31, 2005
watup ima be down in PORTLAND OREGON for about 2 weeks for a job training....i just wanna know wat shoes spots to hit up while i'm down there...ADRESS would be appreciated so i can mapquest it from the hotel ima be stayin in.....thnx in advance NT
lifted on 24th and east broadway is really tight the guys that own the shops are real chill dudes. Then Just be in 5th and couch its in chinatown has some good stuff too. If your looking for Sb's Exit real world on 23rd probably has the best selection. Enjoy Oregon
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10pc chicken strips or come catfish :pimp:
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NE 14th & Broadway...Taste Tickler...Best food in Portland...

Cal's Pharmacy...SB's... NE Williams and Hancock...

Pype's Palace...Smoke shop...N Lombard & Fisk...

***Other Stuff***...PM me...

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Hot and cold subs...7" or 14"

and rice plates with teriyaki chicken and bef and the such...

There is nothing better than thier Chicken Philly sub...with some rooster sauce on that beezy.

We Never Sleep...Unless There's School Tomorrow
strip clubs, thats it. The sneaker stores in Po are pretty good, in particular Just Be but the real spots are the nudie bars.
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they have a shop called LIFTED neat the nike outlet. cant remember the exact address but when you go to just be on 5th and couch just ask them about it

yeah the employee store is dope. that have hella @#%$. i've only been there once. and i only had 2 bills =[ hella sad haha
how old are you?
Acropolis is the place to go 5 dollar ribeye steaks with fries and garlic bread. they got like 40 beers on tap. The girls look good but the aint as freaky as 205
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