In the market for a new desktop PC, any help is appreciated.....

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Basically looking for a nice basic desktop PC with lots of memory for a decent price somewhere around like 500 bucks.
I'll mostly be using it for entertainment (music/movies/games), internet, and schoolwork purposes.

Dell is having a deal on the Inspiron 560

24 inch monitor
Intel[emoji]174[/emoji] Pentium[emoji]174[/emoji] dual-core E5400(2.7GHz,2MB L2,800MHz)
640 GB HD
Windows 7
7.1 Channel Audio

for $679 total, normally $992

The deal ends soon so...
My question is... is this a good deal? does anyone know of any better ones? Thanks.
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Truthfully if you know any tech friends, or any1 for that matter that can build it for you, you can get the best bang for your buck by building it yourself.

Dell's markup price for their desktops is high, I remember reading an article just can't remember the exact %. I did it last year and loving it, had a friend put it together for me in an hour.
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your getting ripped son a OLD INTEL PROCESSOR. 1 CORE WITH Hyper Threading IS PHASING OUT.

Hop on this deal ASAP

Gateway desktop
with a New Intel i3 Processor with 2 cores and Hyper-Threading making 4 cores in total
1000gb = 1tb
hdmi output which i know the dell doesn't come with
and comes with a printer.;+Core%26%238482;+i3+Processor,+20%22+LCD+Monitor+%26in-1+Printer/9999126300050003.p?id=pcmprd126300050003&skuId=9999126300050003&childSku=9698918&count=1here is the link its $679
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u should just get a 17in laptop 1080p resolution and a decent graphic card
i am kinda sick of desktops
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Yeah if you have friends that are knowledgeable in the computer department build one, its also better because you're putting in name brand hardware instead of whatever Dell or HP throws in there
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