Inbounding ball question

Joined Jan 20, 2002
if someone is having trouble, can he rifle the ball at someones face? would that be a foul or flagrant?
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If you chucked it off someones face i would imagine it would be a flagrant 2.

In desperation i think you could hurl it at their feet but you risk the ball coming back and hitting you or missing...
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What you going to @*%@ back and throw it 100 mph at him? I mean maybe of you mkae it look like you are passing it you could get away with it
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Originally Posted by SURE LOCK 510

he threw it harder than i expected

Me too! I thought it was going to be one of those little and1 type moves

If it wasn't a close game, I've got to think that Aboya shoves the guy into the seats the next time. At least, I hope he would.

Wow, I really didn't think I'd see a play like that.
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Originally Posted by RocDaMike11

apparently if you're Alfred Aboya, then the ref will call nothing.
^^^ I would have @%@##+ him up for that. straight up body him.

at OP's question tho
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