International Shipping... Specifically Taiwan

Joined Aug 10, 2009
I just ordered some shoes from an eBay seller, located in Taiwan. Estimate delivery is about 21-30 days

What are the chances of that item coming to me before that? I'm hoping for two weeks max.

Any help?
Joined Oct 9, 2006
How much did you pay for the shipping?
Did they specify what service they were gonna use?

Typical airmail should take 10-15 working days (excluding the package getting stuck in customs for whatever reason).  

Premium airmail should take 5-7 working days.  

They probably said 21-30 days just to play it safe.
Joined Jan 17, 2006
I ordered some Combat Boots from London for my girl. I ordered them a month prior to Christmas in hopes of giving it as her present. Then it didn't come through, so then next best thing was to give it to her on her birthday (Jan. 5th) and it STILL didn't come through until the next day.So much for my surprises! Lmao
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