iphone contract question

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basically i have an iphone 3g thru at&t had it for about 1 year 7 months but its beat to death, its so slow its almost unbearable apps just crash, tons of dust under the screen, etc. i can update to an iphone 3gs for the "new customer" price, but my only problem is i plan on getting the pretty much guaranteed new iphone in june its just i dont want to pay "retail" for it (if u dont know what i mean, say the iphone usually cost 500 but when u sign a contract u get them for a "discounted" price)

HERES ME QUESTION i heard that at&t lets u upgrade iphones for the "discounted" price no matter how long u have been in contract? is this true? and what would be a better option if what i heard was false
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if you were to go get an iphone today, you'd pay $200 on top of the cost of any model (so, $300 for a 3G, $400/$500 for a 3GS depending on the model).
What you can do is wait until 1 year, 10 months and get it at the subsidized price, or go in now and see if an employee will give you a refurb at the $200 repalcement cost (it's done for people who get water damage and other unfixable things).
You might as well wait til the new ones drop though.
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