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Joined Jun 16, 2007
My iPod (5th generation) only plays music through one side of any headphone I use... I've used three different headphones and one car audio jack, and eachtime, i have to bend the end piece to hear from both sides. Do I need a new iPod, or is this something I can fix at the Apple Store? Want to fix this becausei'm not looking forward to buying another iPod.... HELP
Joined Apr 12, 2007
The solder point on that side of the audio jack has probably broke. Your best bet is looking for local iPod repair shop or electronics repair to see if theywould open it up and resolder the connection.
Joined Dec 29, 2005
my old ipod did hte same thing. if you want to do it yourself ebay is your friend. just open up and replace. (easier said than done) but theres youtube vids onthis also
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