Is Anyone Checking Out The San Francisco Lovefest?

Nov 27, 2002

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I just came back from this b/c most of my dormmates went, I must say I was utterly disgusted. Grown @#%$ men walking around with their shlongs hanging out in broad daylight is a bit too much for me. I will never go to this psycho meet again.

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i was down there by accident buncha old gays walking around naked. No Fun.

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Some homeys just hit me up telling me to go down to the city right now cus theyre going to the After Party but its to much $ and I dont have that much money to play around with right now. I think they have an after after party in Golden Gate Park tomorrow and im going to be in the City sunday so im gonna check that out.
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i seen soem crazy people today walk past my job adn it took me forever to get home on bart
You guys should go get your eyes checked. You dont need to look at the dudes in the costumes, I didnt go expecting to see any ladies but there were more than a handful, I was surprised.

Anyway, it was a cool event. Where can you see the chem bros and the crystal method in one place? The people are cool and mind their own business, the music is good...I dont think you can ask for much more.
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So much fun. Some of the best looking girls I've ever seen. Nothing like a beautiful young half-asian girl with neon colored fish net stockings and a thong with her top off...
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I thought it was pretty fun. Good vibe, cool people, except those old naked men :x

I went to the After Party at Bill Graham...Haven't been to any of the actual parades, but I've gone to every single after party for the past three years. lotta folks, females dressed up and everything, however I wasn't able to enjoy it because I took some dirty pills. Didn't feel like e, was more like speed or acid or something.
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