Is Gummo Worth A Watch?

Joined May 4, 2008
I'm bored at the house tonight and it's available On Demand.  I've heard everything from this film being creepy to it being flat-out bizarre.  Anyone care to give their two cents?
Joined Aug 22, 2003
that movie was buns, much better movie to be talked about rather than watched haha
scenes where lil homie is lifting weights and eating spaghetti in garbage water made me wanna yak
Joined Feb 9, 2007
Definitely one of those movies you start watching at 2am and stay up to watch. kinda weird but worth checking out.
Joined Dec 21, 2004
When dude was curling forks taped together 
"Stop lifting weights, your gonna stunt your growth like that." 

Movie was trash though, only good thing about it was Sleeps dragonout playing in the beggining. 
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