Is it me, or....

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he still uses the same quotes from 01'

[stew scott]BOOYA! homie came through with a BADUKA-DUNK, that was for his home boys ray ray and pookie.[/stew scott]

he tries too hard for street cred
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Iverson makes a Questionable pass to Melo "That was a horrible pass..."

Melo recieves the pass and dunks on defender "Thats why Iverson is questionably the best gaurd in the NBA...passes like that." [hr][/hr]
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the question was "is he the corniest?" and yes, yes he is the corniest.
Stephen A smith is the most annoying tho.
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Most of the big mouth, attention seekers on ESPN get absolutely no love including Stewart Scott and Chris Berman. Someone post that spoken word spoof this jackass did for ESPN like three weeks ago. I was ready to throw my TV out of the window it was so horrible.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]So you're saying a questionable pass can't be a great pass??? That makes no sense.....J-Kidd does that a lot...When he initially makes the pass, you question the decision...But when you see the pas get through, you marvel at how good the pass was.... [hr][/hr]
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KayCurrency:[hr][/hr]I know Hubie knows alot about basketball, but i feel that he contradicts himself ALOT...Example:

Iverson makes a Questionable pass to Melo "That was a horrible pass..."

Melo recieves the pass and dunks on defender "Thats why Iverson is questionably the best gaurd in the NBA...passes like that."[hr][/hr]
Oh, you're talking about on the same play?

Yeah, I've never heard him do that, and I've been watching him for a while.

The closest I've heard would be this:

- Iverson makes a questionable pass to Melo: "Now see, that was a horrible pass. In that situation, you want to hit one of your two wing players, because they're unguarded and... " blah, blah, blah.

- Melo catches the pass and dunks on one of the two defenders that were on him: "And that's why this team needs Carmelo Anthony. His scoring ability is right up there with the best in the league."

But see, that's not going against what he said about Iverson's pass.

That's the closest I've heard him come regarding what you're saying.

Now maybe on the next fast break, Iverson passes to a wing player (like Hubie said he should have done last time instead of passing to Melo), and Hubie will criticize THAT, too... because maybe THIS time, there was a wide open cutter streaking straight to the basket unguarded.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Bill Walton is annoying ONLY if you take him seriously. He doesn't even take HIMSELF seriously, so shame on anyone that does. You honestly think that he thinks a bad pass is the 'worst pass in the history of Western Civilization'? You honestly think he thinks that? :lol:
Of course not. He's just clowning. If you take him seriously, he'd be annoying.

But Stuart? Dude IS being serious. And yes, it's very corny. He's very corny.

Can't put it any better than that. Bill Walton is appreciated because he just doesn't care how he's perceived, I mean who wears a tie die shirt in a commercial :lol:
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