Is it possible to rekinkle a friendship after a failed relationship...

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Ain't did one of these in a while

Much as I hate to admit, shorty did some real memorable %*!+ and days like yesterday always remind me. A year ago yesterday she was the only person keeping me sane as I road 4 hours in the middle of the night to make it home to see my brother after my peeps had just lost his in a car acciddent. %*!+ like that means more to me than the fights and the well %!$@ you thens.... I sent a few messages here and there and don't get any replies back
. It could be anger lasting longer than mine or she could be for real. Well? Is %*!+ dead or what? 
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Originally Posted by gunnascott

Yes but its complicated. In fact most of the time so complicated its not even worth it.
Yep... its too much trouble. Just leave it alone... plus it def. wont be worth it if its just you that want it..
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I gotta be honest, I just came in here to laugh at the title, HAHA!! As u were...
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Why would you want to, though?

There are two possible scenarios. Either she was lame and you dumped her, or she didnt want anything to do with you any more and dumped you.

Now you wanna go back? What's good with that?
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