Is there some sort of drop-in heel counter for a pair of Trunner Ultimates?

Apr 15, 2024
Hi everyone! I have a pair of Trunner Ultimate that I bought during the height of the pandemic. I ended up putting them to the side until way after the return window. They fit well in the forefoot and the length is good too.

The only issue is that the heel has no effective heel counter. My heel feels like it’s half way on the side wall of the shoe at heel strike when walking.

Are there any effective drop-in heel counters that will keep my heel centered?

Just a quick side note: I did go to a podiatrist which diagnosed me with pronation. So I know these aren’t the best shoes for that but money was already spent way before that diagnosis, and by the time I tried these shoes on and noticed the problem I was beyond the return window.


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