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i have a itouch 2nd gen and every time i sync it always changes the time and date. i change it and as soon as i plug it in it switches it back. thanks inadvanced
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taken from another site:
There are a few threads on this issue on Apple's Discussions. I had it happen a few times, but it has not changed in awhile. I believe the time does not change if you close iTunes before you connect the touch to the computer.

Try closing iTunes and shut the touch right down by holding the sleep/wake button then sliding the slider when prompted. Then connect the touch to your computer allowing the iPod to start on it's own as well as iTunes auto starting. This may correct the time changing for awhile till Apple releases an update. I have posted these steps a few times and can not confirm if this is a good temporary fix since there have been no replies. I'm not sure if these were the steps I took to get mine working, or if it just started working.

Please post your results good or bad since it may help others with this issue.
check if that works.
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