It's about time that Hot97...

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This is awesome. I have Hot 97 as a preset in the whip for whenever I'm in the city.

Some people front but Hot 97 > ALOT of HIP-HOP radio stations.
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Honestly i know everyone that still lives in ny says they suck , but seriously they do play better music than every other station i have listen to
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Originally Posted by ninjahood

Originally Posted by DiPlOmAt TDOt

Flex is the best when talking trash.
im mad my damn ninja from toronto know's better then some of ya NYers

That dude is the worst...he's a cornball...
The way he $%+@ sucks big artist is really unbearable...
I remember that time game was up there and he was talking about finger poppin some girl and flex was up there laughing like it was the funniest !!$% eversaid...
NYC heads u know what laugh i'm talking about...that fake laugh
That #+$+@ need to go...
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Originally Posted by DiPlOmAt TDOt

Flex is the best when talking trash.
not even son voice is mad annoying....i hated listening to him talk during top 8 at 8 back in the days


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Hot 97 been garbage since the mid 90's. Other then a few funny interviews its a disgrace to the public airwaves.
for even calling itself a hip hopstation.
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Originally Posted by airmaxpenny1

My Ipod>>>>>>>>>>>Radio
this is true in my case too...HOWEVER funk flex interviews >>>>>any other radio stations

and when he wants to play old stuff he's probably da biggest DJ in da country that is able to do that in large market like NYC.
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Flex is the KING of NYC radio..for real...for music and interveiws, since Star & Buc Wild got kicked off the air for that mayo/daughter joke...

BTW Star & BucWild are on !!!
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