Its Dark And Hell Is Hot.....Appreciation

Sep 13, 2007
This album is one of my all time favs...Beats,Lyrics,Hooks,Intros,Skits wat ddnt X give us on this album...This was also a good time in hip hop a lot of heat dropped in the late 90' was dope comin up at in that era....

"The Snake The Rat The Cat The Dog"

Bullet, Right Hook Or I Could Show Em What The Knife Do!
"Boom boom boom open the door atf" I miss x I wish he didn't fall off. I also wish him,jay,nas did a track 2geather
"It's Mickey" :lol:

The whole album was straight fire :pimp:
Team Philippines
I got that balikbayan box​
One of my favorite albums ... X fell off hard. But yeh i laugh everytime i hear DMXs mickey and damien voice
This is when I thought X was just gonna go on a streak of classic albums ehh 2 was good

This bangs hard in da whip

Team Otaku
"Its painful how sexy I look in this."
One of the best albums of the 90's.

Swizz's absence is also appreciated.
My style is impetuous. My defense is inpregnable.And I'm just ferocious. I want to eat his children.​
How's It Going Down = Best song ever. :pimp:

The Super Bowl XLI Champion Indianapolis Colts & The Indiana Pacers
I demand respect so address me as Mister.​
x was the dude back then, wish he could straighten up his act and come back
i graduated from hungry and made it to greedy; my flow is like pasta, take it and eat it; but ima need cheese if im bakin a zetti​
I thought DMX was God's gift to rap when this dropped. One of the few albums I can still listen to all the way through.


- Tical.
It has to start somewhere...
It has to start sometime...
What better place than here?
What better time than now?
You couldn't tell me anybody was effing with X that year. This album is a classic, just raw hardcore lyrics with A LOT of cursing.

By far X was my fav rapper back in 98 and this album was the reason why
Man this cd is my joint. My favorite song on it has to be the intro, the beat is crazy and X goes in like he did on every song on the cd.
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