It's that time of year--T+1

Jun 13, 2003
Most Texans, and hopefully all Longhorns and Aggies, know what I'm talking about. I know we've got a fair amount of Austinites/Longhorns on here, and a few that are in/from College Station. It goes down this Friday at 11:00 (is it me, or does it seem like the 2:30 "rotation" with Nebraska/Colorado only gives us the the 2:30 game once every 10 years?).

Both teams coming off loss, but Texas looking to lock up a trip to the Big 12 Championship and A&M looking to save Franchione's job (allegedly). No predictions here, but I like our chances. Somebody needs to tell Martellus about this site (as many people as we have on here from Alief in Houston he probably already is)--I need to hear some good smack talk......Smooth
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