Ive opened for Lupe, done tracks w/ Oddisee..whaddup NT?

Jun 19, 2004
Whats good NT? Long story short, been lurkin for years, but in lieu of AgtheKid's artist spotlight post..I figure its time to finally introduce myself toNT.

Ima keep it short tho, cliffnotes status:
-Group name is Green Street, named after our favorite jazz record and a metaphor for the good life..
-MC/Producer duo, A-live & Renaissance, critics say we got the Natives Tongues sound
-From Boston, been livin out in nyc for the last couple, Brooklyn we go hard

-First album released in '06, featured drops from Oddisee, Phonte, Darien Brockington, those are the homies for real
-Opened for Lupe Fiasco couple weeks ago @ Umass Amherst (Any NTers at that show?) ishh was crazy..

All info/music/pics @: http://greenstreetrecords.blogspot.com , http://www.myspace.com/greenstreetrecords

Anyway, Im'a let the music talk..Heres a joint we did w/ Oddisee, joint is called "All I See"..it was on the OkayPlayer forums a couple monthsago.

Feedback is always appreciated..Also, tryna make it a hot summer w/ collabos, so NT fam, holla at me..

Pretty cool but like TIME said, not my steez; good look though.
The beat is classy and smooth but wasnt feeing the rapping/singing. Sounded like something the Avila Brothers Phonte, Consequence should have sung/rap over.Hit them up
Okay song, I like the others on ya myspace more. Not knocking ya producer cuz he got a good jazzy/smooth sound but get some beats from Oddisee
As for you go with the rhymes, you dope. Yall keep doin ya thing.
stuff on your myspace is better then the song you posted imo i like "the essence" compliments your voice better which i think is your main problemyou need beats that compliment your voice more imo but then again I'm not opening for lupe
i dont know about the rest of these guys, but i thought that song was ILLL... reminds me of some old school Pete Rock and CL Smooth type stuff.
Everything is smooth, but for some reason I don't feel your soul in it. But your def on your way. Man I would def cop a cd.
Whats good everybody..good lookin on the feedback, I know what we do aint for everyone, but I appreciate it either way..As for some of the comments about voiceand stuff, that track was cut like 2-3 yrs ago, so yeah I hear y'all, but ive been workin on my delivery and $!@ since then and the game done been steppedup, lol.

I dont know if i can do this, but since it is my music: http://www.zshare.net/download/59053209f39124ca/# is a 3 song EP we did w/ a producer out in Germany,so go get that!
I dig I dig. Ever coming out to SoCal?
I'm workin on a show out in Claremont college, is that in Socal lol? We got a college tour in the works for the fall..if you got any connectsw/ colleges or anything, feel free to PM a brother..

For people who want to cop a CD, you can hit up iTunes, Artist: Green Street, Album: Livin' On GreenStreet ..but that album was cut 4 years ago, so it aint exactly indicative of where we going now, but its got some cuts on there. Also, if pplare feelin' any tracks from the myspace, hit me up at greenstreetrecords@yahoo.com andi'll send 'em to you, aint nuffin..

Also, heres some more music: heres a track I did produced by J Dodds, whos been worked with Beyonce, Usher and 112..its off my boys album, and its one of thejoints we did at the Lupe show.

11 Cloud Nine (feat. A-Live, TheFlipside, and Alex Cabral).mp3 - Kharakter

I got the 2nd verse...hence the '94 jays/'94 shades..

twitter.com/alivegreenst , get at me,1.

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