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Can you get a discount on shoes at J Crew?
Do you mean online or in store?
In-store, I would recommend you find a friend who is in college and use their student ID. Online I would search for discount codes or wait for an end of season sale. 
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Hop, online or instore either way....i can not find any codes..

DK,  i did not know they had an online outlet

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If you have a Student ID or know anyone with a Student ID full price items are always 10% off, not that that's a whole lot but it doesn't hurt. Chances are they'll go on sale sooner or later, J. Crew's normally pretty good about that stuff. Join their e-mail subscription service, it's probably the only one of those I've joined that I actually am glad I did. They're always running promo's and rarely do they actually apply the restrictions they say in their ad's. I've ordered mad stuff on the Factory site using 30% off and Free Shipping code's. 3 Shirts and a pair of Work Pants for $80 FTW!
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