Joined Dec 24, 2007
I know some of you guys have ordered from them. 

 How long did it take for them to ship you your stuff?   I was reading their facebook page and some of the people were complaining about them receiving whatever they ordered hella late... like months late.    Not even getting any responses back when they tried emailing them for answers.

Reason I ask is because I wanted to order some stuff but didn't want to wait forever for it.
Joined Oct 28, 2007
I ordered some kid robot shirt.. i only paid $10 for it and it took about a month to receive.. They did email me when they did ship it out and gave me $10 credit for the wait
Joined Feb 7, 2010
yea, shipping does take some time but i think it tells you approximately when items will ship...usually not immediately
Joined Apr 1, 2008
i ordered a good amount of Triple 5 Soul clothing a few weeks ago and STILL no shipping notification. They do warn that it takes about 7-10 days to ship but they always said it will ship by the 14th... %@+. i also better receive $10 credit cause they did not even reply to my email regarding my purchases. Prices and selection are definitely on point tho
...i just hope they didnt forget about my order
Joined Nov 22, 2007
I just e-mailed them 'cause they sent me the completely wrong thing from what I ordered. Lame %%! people. Never ordering from them again.
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