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Sep 1, 2008
I tried looking for a thread. First film is highest grossing of all time. Sequel is 13 years in the making with a 2billi goal. And three more films to come out. Thought it needed a thread :lol:

I actually didn’t keep up with news or spoilers until I watched

•I was like :wow: :lol: :rolleyes:stoneface: When they brought back Lang. had no idea. He was still more menacing in the first one.
• not a fan when kids are brought in, but they were cool
• surprised it wasn’t a film focused too much on jake and Gamora
• James prestty Much copied himself with going to a new place, having to train, not being accepted and being bullied :lol: was done well though.
• not a ton of humans. That was pretty cool. They have the CGI/ mocap pretty much on point now.
•3 hours went by fast to me.
•3rd act was dope. James never fails to deliver that action.
- way too many identical looking blue people to keep track of
- CGI is on another level than any other films. makes marvel look like an Xbox graphics.
- I get that he's an environmentalist, but like does every human technology related person
need to be a cackling moustache twirling villain?

It's basically a miyazaki movie theme wise but if miyazaki had a brain injury that left him with a single digit IQ.

ultimately I was really really disappointed.
and ultimately I really disliked it, but I would still recommend it

as it truly is a unique visual experience.
I wish they would make a Star Wars with an Andor thematic mode and feel movie with wtv wizardry James Cameron uses for the CGI and effects here
enjoyed it very much. i was not looking for any overwhelming story, it was good enough for me
visuals was out of this world
great movie experience, can't wait to see the next. i hear that 3 is pretty much done filming
cameron should of dropped this a long time ago. That CGI was still amazing. He dragged it at parts to show off but still a cool movie.
It's all about the visuals and I'm not even mad about that. They could have had a better plot still.
How you dislike something, but still recommend it?
Make it, make sense for me?

for my personal taste and expectations, it disappointed me.
but it doesn't mean it wasn't worth seeing.

especially for an average movie goer who might not have the same expectations / taste.
I went into this film with relatively low expectations of setting a new bar for CGI but left the theater with my mind blown.
This didn’t just hop over the bar a little higher like I expected, it crushed the bar and soared far above it. Really all I can say is wow.

Visuals aside, I did enjoy the actual movie but the plot, characters and interactions etc aren’t anything special. Not great but certainly not bad.
2 billion dollars - that's crazy. Is there really going to be 5 of these? They going to space next? Then the 'hood?
Should have scrapped the first act. Nobody care about the forest. Shoulda just done a fast forward montage like they did with the children and just skipped to them fleeing to the ocean and gone from there.

I fully agree with the statement that the CGI is on a completely different level than anything we’ve ever seen. Makes MCU look like N64 graphics.
Great movie

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