Jason Williams denied reinstatement

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I don't see why other teams are cockblocking. They should want him to be reinstated because they want them, and for the teams which that isn't the case(probably most of them), they should want to allow him to be reinstated to wreck whatever failure on their opponent's teams that they think he would havedone to their's to make them not want him to begin with.
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Originally Posted by Kiddin Like Jason

But what the ##!* do Chicago, Minnesota, and the Clippers care for?
Ain't like him going somewhere is gonna keep their sorry @+%#+ outta the playoffs or hurt their positioning...
The Clippers are mad he retired on them in the first place, Kevin McHale doesn't like black people and the Bulls probably thought it was the other Jason Williams.

Edit: Wait, didn't the "Asian incident" happen against the Clippers? Edit: Warriors. Close enough.

Good stuff KLJ.
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