Jay Fresh Kicks -N. VA Producer/Artist just signed to Universal Music Publishing (UPDATED) Music Vid

Sep 2, 2005
Folks who know me, know that I have been working with JFK for years now on various projects. He is now stepping into the role of an producer/artist and selfpromoting himself. Below is a brief promo video regarding his upcoming Kixtape - Just For Kick$. Video will be dropping soon. shot of course by me...

I look forward to the mixtape. I hope that video doesn't jack up his job situation, unless it was staged there...and not his actual place of employment.
naw.. the job @$#! was staged.. but in the video we refer back to 2003 when he worked at a "shoe store" and was "dreamin again" then referto 2009 his current situation... but dude been moving and shakin in the industry on the low for some time now. he got his first start doing the backgroundmusic for The Eve Show then had random placements as time went on.....
i saw this guy all over myspace when i first got on...he from woodbridge or something right?
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