Jelanie Day **RIP** Pre-Med Student, Harvested For Organs, Missing Since 08.25.21

Mister Meaner

formerly super producer j
Mar 24, 2007
Jelani Day's fraternity, mother call on federal authorities to take over the case into his death

Rest In Power, Negus Day.

I pray the community gets involved & finds the perpetrators before the cops. I really don’t want to see some prison time for this kind of massacre. It’s already been months since his disappearance & no word on a suspect(s) apparently. Most likely because the investigators would be investigating their aunts and uncles.

Be careful black men. The older I get, the less active I am on these streets. And for good reason. I have way more targets on my back than I knew growing up or that my parents were privy of themselves.

Stay strapped.
Dec 9, 2002
I'm sure they checked his phone records. Wonder who the last few people he reached out to via call/text were.


formerly akajaedeuce
Sep 2, 2005
Nbc reporting no organs were missing.

Since his death, reports have surfaced that some of Day's organs were missing. LaSalle County Coroner Richard Ploch told NBC Chicago those reports are inaccurate and that "some [organs] were severely decomposed due to the body being in the water," but none were missing.
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