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Aug 16, 2006
There are other joints, but you get the point.........
Ya Playing Yourself

Can't Stop The Prophet

Come Clean

99.9 percent

Me Or The Papes

Ain't The Devil Happy

Crooklyn Dodgers

El Presidente

Mental Stamina

D. Original
Wrath of the Math and The Sun Rises in the East are unspoken of gems in hip hop. This dude inspired many with his style n realness

You Can't Stop the Prophet :pimp:

Any news on this album hes droppin this 4th quarter? :nerd:

Team Otaku
"Its painful how sexy I look in this."
I've only heard his first 2 albums, classics indeed. How is his recent album? I haven't seen any reviews for it or anybody talking about it at all.
These young cats think i fell out the loop
Cause the last time they seen me hoppin' out the coupe
I hopped out in a suit.
This dude is the epitomy of "overlooked" and "underrated", even by myself.
We livin' this cuz it's deep in our bones...​
Mental Stamina was my joint on the first album. I never bothered to listen to Afu's album though. Was it decent?
"It Had To Be The Thug In Me, The Tunnel Bangin' Come & Get Me, The First 500 Chicks Is Free, The God Wit' The God Jewels, Let All My Gods Come Through, Live Brothers On This Side Of The Bar, You'll Get Smacked Boo....
....& Clapped Too, Frontin' On Me Well Then ___ You, Go On Wit' Ya High Class... If You Want To....."​
Jeru has never disappointed me with a live show and I've seen homey about 3 times.

Word???? He was one of the worst IMO at that sneaker pimps joint at Roseland in NYC a couple of weeks ago (SMH at me for even going to such a hipster event. But Nas, EPMD, Slick Rick, Jeru. I had to).
I still need Wrath of The Math, Jeru spits.
Team Negrodamus
I'm Black yall, and I'm Black yall, and I'm Blackity-Black and I'm Black yall!!​

yo did he just drop a new album...or am i trippin?

The first time i heard "Come Clean", I thought this dude was wack.

Then I heard the album......and was blown away.


I didn't even need to look to see who made this post


My style is impetuous. My defense is inpregnable.And I'm just ferocious. I want to eat his children.​
Any news on this album hes droppin this 4th quarter? :nerd:

man sun rises in the east and wrath of math are classics but after premo left, it was a steady decline. heroz4hire (1st album after the split) was dope but every album after that just didnt sit well with me

mental stamina was so crazy :pimp:

physical stamina was equally as dope

can't stop the prophet OG & vol. 5 is story tellin at its finest. so many dudes bit off this concept word to kanye its crazy he gets no love for this joint

the beat on frustrated @#%$ was :wow:
. premo at his finest.

yo did he just drop a new album...or am i trippin?
I was born to roam

I doubt anybody's gonna feel me, but I like Wrath of the Math way more than Sun Rises..
               We are creatures of the windWild is the wind...
me or the papes :pimp:

Bang like T-Mac, ski mask air it out
Gotta kill witnesses 'cause Free's beard's stickin' out
Just seeing how to embed videos on the new board.
Sword Heads
The eff's going on??? How do you embed on here now??? I'm a computer� illiterate, can someone help the kid out...........
i remember that cartoon joint...i was just a youngin watchin rap city after school back then...had no idea what homey was talkin bout but i used to blast thetv when it came on...
yeah, i believe that joint above was made around 02.

jeru will always be appeciated, my fav rapper..

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