jesus my school cant be the only school that fights this much

Joined Mar 28, 2009
and its always over someone "talking +%*%"

there was 3 fights today...1 more and they would have closed school today...the day before that there was like 3 and 1 big one after school...
day before that there was another...
my school is like really weird...its like everyone cool with each other but deep down blacks and mexicans really dont like each other...
so when there is a fight with ppl in both parties pitted against each other all type of racist +%*% be comin out
right now its some kinda girl beef...bunch of girls in this click fighting amongst themselves
tomorrow theres this party...them girls are hosting it(so they all gon be fighting)...and one dude who got beat up like 2 days ago bout to jam pack that ho with like 150 +@#%%* all on his side...son comin up there with a bat a 12 gauge and one some dude bringing a machete

smh and i got @####+ on both sides...i think this +%*% gon end up on the news...

yall schools squab this much?
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Early dismissals are stupid at my school.

Last time we had one, 6 black dudes ran up on me at my car so I popped the trunk and acted like I was getting something and they backed off thinking I had a gun.

No racism but if another black dude runs up on me again tomorrow I'm dropping him and his homeys....I'm tired of them trying to run over the Hispanics at my school.
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streets... are.... on.... to... niiiiIIIiiiIIiiIIIIiiiight

but forreal you should invest in a camcorder
start capturing this action... After that Pacquiao fight I was left disappointed.
Joined Jun 24, 2008
sounds a lot like the high school i went to...the first week my frosh and soph years there was a riot and people were getting tazed. half the school either gets kicked out or just stops showing up halfway through the school year. fights were too common......blacks vs mex and also little gang fights within the two, and TONS of girl fights
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heres one from youtube...

i hate this one so much cuz it made us @*+$!# look like *+!%+ tho

i'll post some more in lil bit
Joined Mar 3, 2005
Not at school but it used to get hype a couple times a month at parties. I kept cool with pretty much everyone being a DJ

Sometimes I would even have my boys start fights that were going to happen anyways just so I could end my gig early.
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