John Barry and his virtual players

Dec 31, 2003
Does anyone else think this is stupid? His bit on kobe was force him left and make him take a contested really great idea no one has probablythought of that.
Bad op

But yeah, I gave up on believing there was a way to stop Kobe when they said in like game 2 against Utah that the key to beating the Lakers was tomake Kobe a scorer. I was totally lost. Like...that's your plan Sloan?! Let him shoot?
Yeah aight... that's like saying the best way to stop a waris to let the enemy shoot at you until they don't want to anymore. Good luck
I partially concur with JapanAir. I think showing that segment was ******ed...I'd take TV movement with Kenny smith then cutting to game tape over thiscrap.
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I saw the billups one and the nbaLive model was just soooo damn choppy. It looked terrible and pointless
2k9 FTW

I want to see Jon Barry punch Stuart Scott's glasses in one day.
and mess up his other eye

I'm saying...he stays with the constant jabs....likeJon you actually used to play defense??
I'd be like doggie.......look at your eye....
I watch ESPN on mute now because everyone who works there is on the flavor of the month type !*!@. Its annoying and 90% of the time I feel like they have noidea what they are talking about.

I know I can do a way better job then those so called "analysts".
This dude is madly in love with kobe though. He kind of reminds me of Trent Dilfer, they both like to talk about other players like if they were that good.
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