jordan 11 concord check

Joined Jun 14, 2013
my jordan 11 concords meet every test except today I looked at the soles and they are purple they are from 2011 i believe and I payed $300 for them on ebay from a pretty trusted seller.  can someone please help me asap.
Joined May 29, 2013
A minor defect like that is not gonna even be noticeable first off. And second off if there is not a B grade stamp anywhere on tag or a B on the tag it isn't B Grade. And yes b grade shoes are still legit just minor defects. But don't sweat it man Jordan Brand is gonna make mistakes and not ever shoe is gonna be perfect or exactly the same. LEGIT
Joined Apr 14, 2013
First LC post/assistance request here. Can you please verify these concords if they are legit and if i should get a run at it?

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