Jordan 5 Life Style Editions

Dec 11, 2006
I was just wondering if you guys in the Philippines get the Jordan LS editions? They sell out here in the Cali so fast. Hundreds of people stand in line at 3am and 4am and the store doesnt open until 9-10am. By the time I get there its sold out and I'm forced to pay $200+ for them on ebay or some shoe website. Let me know wassup, thanks!... Peace...
Cool, thanks. How do you guys know when, where and what stuff is going to be released there?
yo zero...i dunno where in cali you live, but try spending like 200 bucks at footaction and then you become a gold member. after that, you can reserve up to 3 pairs like a week in advance. the footaction in my hometown gets LS releases and you can get a pair if you go like a week in advance and reserve your pair.
Damn bro I didnt know that? Where are you at? I dont know about that gold member thing but I'll ask this weekend. I think everyone here would be on it though. Its a mad house here when they're released and there's never 2 lines for reserve and non-reserve so I doubt it. I live in Sacramento,California.
same here my FA in NJ did hold them for goldstar members but stopped doing it 6 years back after the hype of selling kicks on ebay got blown up

you spelled it wrong. :stoneface:
kicks drop inevitably like bird shh
you herbs get stuck repeatedly
for campouts and hype money
ok then a question why do I haft to conform to the way caucasians pronounce with the F then the correct way world history depicts us don't get me wrong I maybe born in the states but I'm still Asain.or am I just wrong in what I believe
Not necessarily. The new official "ALFABETONG FILIPINO" (note how even DECS spells it that way now) as per DECS textbooks: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N N~ Ng O P Q R S T U V W X Z. So now there is officially an "F".
Yup. I saw it in my daughter's textbook and I was floored. Who changes their alphabet after so many years? Sheesh.
yeah me too I called the footaction before to reserved the altitude xiii they said they don;t do reservation on jay's
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