JORDAN Aqua VIII's in NYC yet?NO OD prices please.thanks

Aug 21, 2005
any spots in NYC selling the aquas early that still have sizes left? not OD prices tho

i know "G.S" sold they're youth sizes already for $130 =/ and possibly "S.C" since they have same accounts but theyre sizes are very low they have small sizes only.

let me know NT.

Any sz 7-8 bangers? Get at me​
^^ word. change that. (just lookin out) :wink:
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Fulton mall in spot has them in men sz. But 250 the other had them for sz. Were bet. 130 and 150
Free Gizmo aka Smash....Sorry your feelings were hurt Gu
just wait till they drop..there's only 10 days ur money till then..
Michael Jordan..the greatest to ever play the game!
T R A N S F O R M E R S​
Yea ya right. That's what imma do F that its next week.

Thanks anyways NT.

Any sz 7-8 bangers? Get at me​
i bought my pairs from an NT'er that works on fordham last week. I forgot his sn on NT but he charged me $100 for a size 6.5 and $165 for a 9.5. Hit him on AIM, his sn is searchin4js2.
^ Not being smart or anything, but EVERYWHERE will have them on Saturday at regular price.

They'r GR, they will go on sale because they are not going to sell as much as people think, I think.

When you see the quality of these pieces of @#%$ you might even pass yourself, they're a disgrace.

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NYC oded with these every one has been trying to get me to buy them for 150 dollars, @#%$ that. im going to modells nice and early tomorrow and get them for half off with my coupon.

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