Jordan Brand 2008: April, May, June Info.

Jul 14, 2007
ISS Nemisis:

"Hello all...... we'll see a continuation of the Countdown pack:

Jordan 2 Retro/Jordan 21 (now a retro?)
Air Force Fusion V - 3M/green bean (look like the green bean 5s from last sept)

Jordan 7/Jordan 16 Retro
Air Force Fusion V - blk/caro blue (look like the blk/caro Vs from last August)

Jordan 6/Jordan 17 (don't expect a suitcase here)
Air Force Fusion V - wht/red/blk OG colorway with "23 stitched on the side" (looks identical to the ones from last christmas rls)

expect lots of tidbits... as well as Jordan XV SE.....and a surprise...

My Thoughts:
Jordan 23 doesn't look half bad......but then again, Im not saying it is half good..... I think its a compliment to the man and the shoe makes alot of sense as a jordan 23. (yes Ive seen it in person).

This is a very strong Jordan Line-Up in my opinion....



Retro 1 Mid Premium for Grade-School Sizes only.... some nice color ways for boys and stupid skittle color ways for girls...
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if that is true but they are OD'in the AJV/AF1 fusion. But still anxious to see the outcome |I
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XX3 not "half-bad". That doesn't sound too good.
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thanks masterhammy23 for the info...even doe u had to to get from the other side :rolleyes
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Yeah thought it looked familiar.....Smh?

I gotta shoe fettish I be in shoe city every week fifty pairs of new nike airs aint cheap..
thanks for the info, VII/XVI pack sounds the best out of those three months.
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gosh im really excited for the 6/17 pack. i mean they can't screw up a shoe that came out 5 years ago right?...or can they...
and whats the price on the packages again?
SELL me YOUR XVII Lows and XIX in size 11. I'm desperate
Thanks for the update! Packages are sounding good, and as always, can't wait for the XX3... I'll pass on the Fusion's, though.
they better come thru wit the XI/XII pack...that would go sooo it the bred pack...or if they want to go nuts then come thru wit the concord taxi pack!!!!
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