Jordan Collezione XI/XII Countdown Package on

still have one fresh pack never worn. One pack i been rockin since x-mas. Drop those eggplants again Nike !!!!
Yo they canceled my order man i am so pissed off right now at finishline. They want verification on the on my shipping address..... I just bought the 12s fromthem last week no problem now i am so pissed off i am not receiving my 11/12 pack now......
that really stinks....I know that I would have been ecstatic to order them since they have the sweet 11's, but from what i hear finishline does thatsometimes....there will be more and probably in a single pack so its all good
I was close to pulling the trigger on this, I was one click away from the checkout window but I decided not to since I only want the XI. This morning I managedto order a B-grade XI from Chicago outlet instead.
Just got shipment confirmation so Im finally getting my pack. Im sorry to hear some orders got cancelled.
Both my orders successful. Congrats to those who copped! Thanks for the great info!
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