Jordan Display Case Question

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What up NT...I have a question about a display case I just purchased for my Jordans. I'm still new to the forums so I apologize if this isn't the right place for this thread. I was going to put it in Sneaker Showcase, but it isn't so much about the case as it is the shoes inside. Mods please feel free to move it..

So I ordered this display case off eBay, and received it today. Here's a link if anyone is interested.

It's very well built, and they seemed to have used quality materials (oak wood finish, UV protected acid-free acrylic). The wood backing has an opening for whatever kicks your putting in, and when it closes, the acrylic fits into groves on the wood.

Here is my issue: Like I have stated before I'm relatively new to the shoe game. I started my shoe collection in 2006, and have been collecting on/off ever since. However, up until this point I have stored all my shoes in their respective boxes. The ones I tried to keep DS are still DS. I am worried that this case is going to expose whatever shoe I put in it, light and moisture being the main problems. Now I know some of you are going to hate, and say sneakers are meant to be worn. Trust me, I have plenty of Jordans I rock all the time and some that I keep out all day long. But I have a few that I keep boxed, and now I have this case. So I ask all you OG sneakerheads out there...does this thing look like it will protect whats inside? Is leaving any sneakers exposed to light and air like this not a good idea? Is there anything I can do to further protect whatever sneakers I put inside this case?

Here are a couple pictures with my Concords in this case...I took these with my Galaxy S3 so they aren't great quality images. I would appreciate any help/comments on my situation, as well as opinions on the case itself. I'm sure somebody on NT already copped this thing. Thanks in advance everyone, and good luck to everyone copping J's or any sneaker really this month

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I cant see how it would be any worse than the cheap cardboard box shoes come in.
For sure, I definitely agree...I guess a more appropriate question would be...How much harm does leaving shoes in front of a constant light source (artificial or not) do?
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OP, that's alot of guap for that case. Wondering if I can get a cheap one and make it wall mountable, would be a good DIY project.
Looks good on your wall too.
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I display my shoes on my feet.

Spending more then half of what you pay for the shoes on a case for them to just sit is not a good look. I urge you guys to wear your shoes!

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