Jordan Dunks In AZ?

not yet! o asked around and no luck. they have a different name, but dont know what it is.
Yep they dropped today. hurry up AZ sneakerheads. I picked mines up at Arizona Mills! $97.00 after taxes.They all recieved one of each size so hurry!
All journesy got them in AZ, so dont have to drive far, just go to your nearest mall and good luck getting your size.
arrowhead only had as big as an 8.5 oscar, think thats your size...dont know if you got them.

what you didnt already have them on lock!?!? they didnt get one each, tard. quit trying to hype them up. scottsdale had my size on display, and in my bag. scottsdale got quite a few from what the employees tell me (and didnt make me wait til 12 noon to get them!)

97....theres a questions....heres MY opinion.

wish they had tumbled leather like the III's or X's. that would have been awesome. hell make it a cali dunk w/ elephant print and id buy multiple!

wish they were black. black would have been suuuuuuuuuper pimp, even though i keep hearing they werent scrapped like someone here said but a EU release only. who knows.

leather tongue. dont like it. anyone planning on getting them and stuffing them (i.e. myself) it will probably look odd. dunno. guess ill have to look. tongue is like bronco dunks.

wish the elephant print was darker. give me the 99-00 retro elephant print. would have been much better.

now the question 97 bucks for dunks....hmm..well guess if you want them bad enough, i seriously doubt that ebay will give you much a break on the price. prob just worth it to get them and not hassle having them thru ebay and shipping (if they are a dunk you actually want that is).
got two pairs(decided to go back for another one) and the Lucha libre. Why you always hating redline. im just letting you know what i was told. also just letting Az sneakerheads know when and where they dropped. By the way, my contact got fired so i wont be having too much heat on lock anymore.
Why you always hating redline.

He's usually just being sarcastic. I wouldn't take it personal.

But yeah, I'd be able to wear either an 8 or 8.5 in Dunk lows. Hope they're still around come Friday.
try AZ mills demonbasketball04. they should have them there, but i would hurry since word is going out about these and pretty soon alll the AZ sneakerheads will buy them up.
oscar, from what i was told by the emp's there, and at other stores for that matter, is that scottsdale got a ton. if i remember right from my days employed by genesco inc (owners of journeys, jarman, underground station, etc.) is that they do it ghetto style to secure your size! aint nothing wrong with that.

ps. awwwwwwwwwwwwww :frown:
^Layaway doesn't sound too bad!! I get paid tomorrow so I might as well stop by and try my luck. AZ Mills and Scottsdale F.S. are way to far to drive on a weekday!
All journesy got them in AZ, so dont have to drive far, just go to your nearest mall and good luck getting your size.

Not true. Went to Chandler the other day. The guy had no idea what I was talking about.

WANTED: SZ 12 DS Unluckys, Calis, Jordan IV Blk/Red/Cmt or any IV's​

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yeah, they dont bro. The guy at Az mills was like what do you mean jordan dunks? LOL. Just got to ask for the new dunks in blue and cement.
I just got back from Scottsdale Fashion to pick these up. Once I saw them, I put them right back down. Could you imagine how hot these would be if they used leather that was KINDA good quality? I can't deal this anymore... I don't buy AF1's or Dunks that aren't SB anymore. That "leather" is just sad.
Compared to that crap? Yes.

Besides, we all know quality ain't what it used to be. I wince everytime I look at my Fire Red IV's. The whole thing just has gone downhill.
no difference in quality between these, any jordan release 2006, and any sb release so far this or last year. correction anything late last year and this year. for the price they command, wear tiffs? stussys? not much better than these. quality will of course, sadly, never be what it was....nature of the beast. :frown:
A very very poor mans Supreme Dunk low for a ridiculus retail price . I'll pass without a second thought and keep rocking my real Supremes . The new Stussy Dunk Hi's are what I need . And on a side note I have all in size 10 Diamonds, Rayguns and Hunters available .
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