Jordan Golf - IV cement

Joined May 31, 2020
Does anyone know the release date?

I've seen February 2021 but nothing with a specific date...

These are going to be AWESOME!

The gray rubber on the toe and heel looks to be translucent.

Anyone that's interested in the Nike Air vs Jumpan logo on the heel -- these don't have Nike Air on the back, which is consistent with what JB did for the Jordan Golf V releases.


Joined May 31, 2020
I'm doubling up on these, for sure! Wish I had gotten a second pair of the fire red Vs...not making the same mistake twice ; )
Joined May 2, 2016
Damn, congrats, I struck out on my size 13 on three different Nike accounts plus on both golf shoe websites that dropped them. Devastating.
Thanks. Sorry for the Ls. Sounds like you put in the effort too. Wife and I were on golf galaxy and they opened up 2 min early. We each got a size 10, for me haha. Haven't been this lucky since like the black kaws or something lol
Joined Aug 10, 2012
These definitely weren't for me because I don't play golf. And they clearly can't be worn like regular street clothes. 😆

But too bad nothing is safe nowadays. I can't believe sorry loser a#$ resellers have gravitated toward golf shoes now according to peeps on here trying to secure these online today. 🙄

At least it's nice to know some were successful with checking out manually online today. I'm glad y'all got through with perseverance and were able to beat the bots. 😎👍
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