Jordan Luka 3

Wore them for 5min and switched back to the 1’s 😂

Have felt for a long time switching up shoes to start the playoffs was a bad idea, especially if you've been on a roll. If it's a high vs a low in the same model, maybe, but to stop wearing the model you've been playing well in and go to a brand new model you have next to no NBA game experience in didn't seem like a smart move to me.

Damn those look great, I need a pair!

My dad was never a super big car guy, but from time and time again he told me stories when they were in their early 20's with his friend and they had an Camaro together that they would just ride endlessly on the summer nights, from town to town until the sun came up the next morning. I never really got to that car thing myself, but I could always see some spark light up in dad's eyes when he talked about those times, and I always loved when he told me stories, no matter what kind of an story it was. The last few times I visited him at the hospital before he passed I remember we watched some show about old American muscle cars and while being on the final stages of terminal cancer, I could still see that smile on his face while we watched that. Everytime I see an car like that out on the streets these days, my eyes just water.

Damn now I made myself all emotional and ****, sitting here and wiping my eyes while I should be working :D Well anyway, there's my inspiration to get these and hopefully secure a pair since I can't afford an Camaro :D

I like the cements. The gold jumpman on the black tongue, the red on the medial side of the midfoot. Looks good. Looks different. Notably, looks like he wore them for warmups or pregame, but is actually playing in the black/gold 1s.
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