Jordan Retro 3 88 expert legit check

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Just a few questions on this pair...
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Is the paper inside the box too dark?

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This stitch ends early but that's the only real stitching issue I see besides the tongue SLIGHTLY crooked and the back behind the heel tab is crooked. Here is the official pic
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Are the tongue dates correct?

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Everything looks good from the stitching, nike air on the insole with the correct font, perforations are the right size, elephant print is the correct pattern and cut, sticker on the box is correct, the dates I'm not sure of only because I don't remember. Id have to check when I get home. Everything seems legit.
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legit. the tongue dates are diffrent because these were released 3 times. the first was in the u.s. then it was overseas then they got restocked
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Question for you guys... Does the perforation by the lace holes always run the same direction? I have other threes that are slanted and have seen some other picks of 88s that people say are legit and the holes are also slanted. On this pair they run parallel. Also the box paper print is too dark no?

And the pic of the stich that ends early. Not a flag?
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