Jordan Tatum 3 - Floral slated for October 2024

good to see the 1st colorway of the actual team colors. the older popular sigs like ken griffey, penny, barkley, and mike of course had finding stuff to wear with them very easy because of that.
Here are some details about the "Floral" slated to release this year:

Jordan Tatum 3 Floral
Color: White/Black-Kinetic Green
Style Code: FZ6598-103
Release Date: October 2024
Price: $125

What don't y'all like about this model in particular? All the current Nike sig lines seem to have the same design language to me.
I don’t know. The one was bad comfort/performance wise. Two wasn’t bad (I have a pair). Better performance/comfort but lacks in colorways. The 3 design wise leaves a lot to be desired.
Yikes. Usually, I give a new sneaker a chance since a cw can either make or break a silhouette. However, I don’t think a cw can salvage these.

The 1s are still JT’s best looking sneaker with the best cws in my book. I’m not a fan of how they feel on feet though.
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