Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver.....Jan 20th

May 25, 2003
Who will be trying to get these on Saturday morning?
Where is everyone going to try & get their pair at?

Anyone know how many pairs stores got? SouthCenter? NorthGate? etc...?
There should be plenty of pairs to go around. I know Finishline Tacoma is getting over 100 pairs. Northgate Finishline also should get a good amount. Alderwood Finishline also got a good amount.

If you go to any one of those places I'm sure you'll get your pair.

Just try to get there a little early.
southcenter champs=NO Limit!, come get as many pairs as you want...
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champs sports is opening at 8, cop as much pairs as you want.
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i have o.g.'s but might grab a pair.

and by the way that 1st pic is nt seattle, i was there that day
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it was WTO i think. viet told me about it, people where jacking the NIKETOWN letters, lol. but about the 5's. im going to southcenter in the morning, then going to head back home to get some rest before my dinner party. i hope i dont get drunk! haha
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yeah im heading down to south center, my usual spot outside the door closest to Champs

hopefully Champs got plenty like usual
yes it was the wto protests, and people weren't stealing the niketown letters, they were smashing business fronts all over. google it

wto seattle
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bfo you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I specifically remember somebody on top of that door, trying to take off the letter "O" on that sign,!
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well im not saying they weren't trying to rip a letter off V, but they were smashing anything they could. I can promise you that it was not about stealing a letter or a few of niketown, it was protesters from all over the country getting out of control. It turned into riot and everyone was getting tear gassed. If you really think that someone was trying to steal a letter you are nuts. They were trying to tear the place down.

Tell me if this appears to be the response to someone stealing a letter off the NT sign?




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^ damn, that looked like a hella tight party. missed out.

anyone know how many 5s niketown will have?

DO WE DO WORK the guards weren't there to protect "a letter", i am saying, yea there were some nuts who climbed up on top and tried to pull it off, "just because they could", some guy at my school got arrested as being part of that whole WTO mess....from westlake, to NT, i think it was a whole 8 blocks of madness, maybe 6 or so....
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i might have to pass these black V's and the lasers to get the NB superteam 33 sneakers. there fire!
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Anybody have the SKU for the blk/silver?
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Got mine this morning at Southcenter

things were pretty easy today at southcenter. They opened the doors earlier then they normally do and i was in and out by like 7:45.
i got mine from the employee store today morning, got there about 7 and in the employee line there was like 60-70 people in the line, and the line kept growing, and in the guest/family line there was a good 20-30 people and that line grew to be pretty big. i think after all thoes people and there being a limit of two per person, theres still more left because they had tons of unpackaged boxes.

then afterwards, didnt know what to do so i just drove to niketown and stood in line and got my 5's signed by tinker.
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northface parka/tb3's/navy sweats/tried to return lebron bundle at niketown.
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