Jordan V Burgundy - September 9, 2023

Nov 23, 2020
InitiallyI was going to cop, even though I thought 200 was already a lot. I mean they're super nice 225, I will definitely pass because I think it's absolutely NOT worth the price!

At that price, they will sit big time. So see you at the outlets where I'll cop for around 150!
Dec 7, 2015
These need that soft suede not that rough raging bull “suede” I was so disappointed cause I loved pics of raging bulls. Had to dye the suede a deeper red too.

Need these with quality and some wolf grey 5s as well
This. I usually am an OG colorway only guy but I was looking forward to the Raging Bulls. Then I read thru the thread and people were saying the suede was poor quality and very rough which immediately killed my desire to buy them. Really hoping these don't end up the same way.
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