Jordan V's Sizing?

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5s can run almost a size bigger, it depends on how tight You laces them up.
I'm usually a sz 10.5 but I can easily fit into 9.5.


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jrock78 wrote:[hr][/hr]What about the grape V's? i wear a size 13, could i cop a size 12?
I only go down a half size at the most any more and your asking for pain.
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Originally Posted by MTtheGreat

They fit weird to me. I had a 10.5 in one pair and 10 in another and neiter fit comfortably
Same here, I don't know if I need a 12.5 in them but they used to beat my pinky toe down. Just an uncomfortable shoe.
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man, i thought i was the only one..
on a rare occasion you'll find a shoe that you can go a full size down length wise, which sounds ridiculous but it is known to happen.
for example, my kobe 1s (white/grey/yellow/shark fin) fit really weird. if i go a half size down, it's still slightly loose and leaves substantial heel slip. i had the fire red 5s only and it blew my mind that i fit a full size down comfortably.
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Originally Posted by Tuition Aint Cheap

They run the same as the 4s. Toe box is narrow but the shoe is true to length. I wouldn't recommend getting the size 8.
Agreed, especially if you have flat feet. The toe box tends to feel snug. I wont hurt but i did notice that with the Ragin Bull V's
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They run big IMO, also the most uncomfortable Jordan i ever wore, dont get a pair.
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Yeah I wear a sz 11 on the red suede DMP V's and a sz 11.5 on the 3M's from the DMP V's beats me.
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Anybody know how the Olive v's fit? I usually wear an 8.5 but I wonder if I should get an 8?
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depending on foot width, i'd stick with an 8.5. i wear an 11 and 10.5 fits perfect for me. the size 8 might fit just wear thin socks
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I wear a size 12/13 and i got a size 12. they fit me perfectly but i deffinately wouldnt go under. unless you were looking at some grapes haha.
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I went 1/2 a half down. I wear a 10 in every Jordan I've bought, but I got a 9.5 for the V's and they fit perfect
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i usually wear a size 10.5 and i can fit into a size 9.5 in jordans. foot was a little crammed at first but eventually the shoe loosened up. i would still go with a .5 size bigger but i didnt have much of a choice because i bought them from a friend
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I might be getting an air jordan retro 5 low unc. It is a women's shoe, so I don't know if I should get 11.5, 12, or 12.5
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