Jordan XIII Playoffs sz13 9.5/10

Discussion in 'Size 11.5 and Above' started by deezrsackolishus, Jun 7, 2015.

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    Jun 19, 2001
    Fellow NT members

    I am a legit seller. I have been here 14 years. No games played. Never one bad deal. That will remain the same. My pricing is VERY FAIR and i am one of the most legit here. A member of the Original NT legit list, i have always been credible and professional collector.

    The shoes are immaculate. Sz13. Worn twice. 8 hours.. There is one small sratch on one of the toes leather, factory shipped, but not discolored or anything. Other than that they are pristine.

    Minimal creases.

    Paypal only. Confirmed address only. Shipping $10 on eastcoast $15 west coast.
    I ship usps confirmed. If its an apartment i require signature confirmation, $4.

    Pm here. Or email keenjp09 a.t hotmail . Com.

    No lowballers. No bs.

    Only trades:
    black lance mountain sz13, pantone xi sz13
    (i have other shoes as well)